We are rebranding to Nimble Digital! This site will eventually redirect to our new website.

We are rebranding!

I’m excited to share the news that WP Support Consulting is rebranding to become Nimble Digital.

WP Support Consulting was always a mouthful, and with over four years of trading, it’s continued to be a mouthful. I’ve usually always had to go on then and explain to those interested what the “WP” part was all about (WordPress). I’ve always been concerned that the name was not the most memorable and that the domain name and subsequent email addresses were never easy to recall.

To me, it was apparent – WP was short for WordPress. WordPress is the content management system I use to create, support and maintain websites for our customers & clients. But not everyone always understood this by seeing the letters W and P.

Usually, if you are in the business of building websites, you may be familiar with the use of “WP” to represent WordPress. Still, it doesn’t mean anything to those outside this circle of influence. This has bothered me for some years, but a change in identity seemed like an enormous upheaval, so I kept putting off the plan to change (and what to change it to).

And, since I set up WP Support Consulting as a name without too much thought, I wanted to be sure that if I ever did change, I spent the right amount of time and consideration before making any commitment. I wanted to try and capture a name that would reflect better, be more memorable and be less confusing.

Thankfully I had Brian Mackenzie of BeBold’s professional guidance, who helped tease out the new name, confirm its meaning and create the new identity. Thanks, Brian – I’d highly recommend Brian to anyone who wishes to work through their business identity and ensure that it’s being represented at its very best.

The new name represents an evolutionary shift in positioning and explanation of what’s on offer and how our services are delivered and managed. It’s not a signal that I’m selling up, retiring or giving up – it’s quite the opposite.

Nimble” is literally “quick and exact either in movement or thoughts“, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, and “Digital” suggests that the services provided are online and non-hardware based. The name is underpinned by the three core services we will continue providing: Websites, Consultancy & Support.

The focus will remain on building, consulting, and supporting websites using WordPress. No other platform gives me the flexibility needed to help as many businesses and organisations present themselves online how they want to.

The approach will continue from a technical direction with quality programming, secure hosting and proactive website maintenance. I continue to work in partnership with excellent full-stack developers, graphic designers, content writers, SEO experts and digital marketers to offer a complete end-to-end service where required.

Over the coming days and weeks, the transition from the old to the new will take place, including a new website, new email addresses (the originals will still function), bank account & billing, and a refresh on our social media channels.

I’m excited and look forward to taking the company forward in its new identity and serving you.

Gordon Sheppard.

Gordon Sheppard

Gordon helps owners of small businesses and entrepreneurs in the service industries run a more effective business website. He can help your business improve sales, increase profits, and gain efficiency by providing a results-driven, consultative approach. With a career spanning over 30 years in technical support, marketing and service delivery, Gordon understands business owners' pressures to position themselves ahead of their competition in the service industry sector.