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Gain more leads with a effective, fast and secure website built with WordPress

Is your digital credibility letting you down?

You already know that having a website these days is necessary, and you shouldn’t just rely 100% on social media platforms that can change their plans, sell up or even remove you from their system if they so choose.

Being available around the clock, no matter what your business or organisation offers, is simply essential. Your credibility is enhanced (people will always try to check you out, even after a personal recommendation!), and you can offer a way for clients, customers, prospects, donors, or even talent for your team to contact you at any time.

Local business offering face-to-face service?

What about leads for your business?

Having a website that can consistently generate leads is crucial for the success of any business. A website that effectively converts visitors into leads provides a steady stream of potential customers, allowing businesses to grow and expand. Furthermore, a website provides a 24/7 presence for your business, making it easier for potential customers to find and connect with you anytime. Having a lead generation strategy in place on your website can help you reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive more sales for your business.

If you are a business offering local services, face to face, and you feel that you are not getting enough opportunities from your online presence and you just don’t have the time to figure everything out. In that case, you should really get in touch so we can figure out how to improve this situation together.



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There are many ways you can get your website up and running yourself, including several “self-service” options like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress.com, and Weebly, to name a few. But who’s got the time, the patience or the skill to figure out these platforms and get you “looking your best”?

That’s why many turn to a web designer or a website developer for professional help, and you might be ready to do that now.

However, from our experience, finding a website developer who offers to support your site fully with design, marketing and technology support can be a bit harder to find. Big agencies, of course, can offer this, but at “big agency” prices.

In many cases, smaller agencies, freelance designers & developers don’t want the hassle of the ongoing technical support and upkeep of your website and will happily teach you some basic maintenance tasks. They then hand you off to your web hosting company and wish you “good luck”.

Some of the clients we now work with have either been abandoned or lost contact with their original website designer or developer. They found themselves completely stuck with an insecure website, in poor health or even completely broken. The complexities of maintaining the health and security of a WordPress-based website, in particular, were just a step too far for them, and so they found us and asked us to step in and help.

Today, the good news is that you, too, can move forward confident in the knowledge that your website project will be a resounding success. Your website will be delivered within an agreed budget and fully supported professionally into the future, leaving you to focus on your core business and not on trying to fix or maintain your website.

Many thanks for the outstanding support you have provided me with for my website. The speed with which you created and installed a solution was breathtaking.

Alistair Pryde

Words & Pictures Photography

I’ve known Gordon for many years and he’s a great guy. It has been a pleasure working with him to build our long-overdue new website. Best of all…it looks amazing!

Norrie Kristoffersen

Kristoffersen Carpets

Gordon provided me with a website that was above my original expectations. Nothing was too much hassle and he gave me lots of fresh ideas and content. Overall, fantastic service!

Daniel Thomas

DTJ Joinery & Building Contracts

I want to thank Gordon for the support that he has offered me, which has allowed me to grow how I work and offer my services on a much larger scale.

Kelly Combe

Kelly Combe Counselling & Holistic Therapy

From the first consultation right through to publication Nothing was too much trouble for Gordon . It wasn’t about money it was about what was right for myself and my business

Richy Anthony

The Stone Doctor

Gordon and his team have been superb from start to finish. They listened at the start and came up with some fantastic suggestions and designs. Then kept us up to date fully and delivered a website that has surpassed our expectations.

Chris Duffy

CP Property

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